Global Experts
•      More than two decades advocating
       and implementing Building Information
       Modeling and related innovations
•      Active research leadership at Stanford
•      Collaborative relationship with Stanford
       University providing a feedback loop
       between research and industry 
•      Our International team represents over a
       hundred years of collective practical
       industry experience with BIM in public
       and private organizations
•      4D Pioneers since 1993
•      Experience developing and maintaining
       Facility Management Systems for large
•      Knowledge management and
       education for international operations
•      Leadership in AIA Technology in
       Architectural Practice Knowledge
       Community since 2003 and in AIA Center
       for Integrated Practice since its inception
•      Subject matter experts or consulting 
       advisors for government agencies in
       US, Singapore, China, Finland,and
•      Highly respected experts invited to
       contribute hundreds of presentations, as
       well as professional educational
       materials, worldwide.
•      Excellent track record implementing
       BIM with major global companies.
Dr. Calvin Kam
CEO & Founder
Prof. Martin
Chief Scientific
Jim Bedrick
Senior Industry
Jonathan Widney
Senior Industry
Tony Rinella
Senior Director
Dickson Mak
Associate Director
and a broader team of global associates and partners